Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sebastian's Way Blog Tour Stop #4

Today the Sebastian's Way blog tour continues at Let Them Read Books with a guest post and a giveaway! 

The Middle Ages: A Thousand Years of Darkness or the Gateway to the Empowerment of a Continent?

The other day I was asked to talk about Sebastian’s Way at the local public library. It was a Sunday, a bright, sunny day in winter, and the NFL Division Playoffs were on. I thought that nobody would be there. The first surprise was that it was a pretty good crowd. The second was how misinformed so many of the audience seemed to be about the Middle Ages, the early part of which is the background of my novel.

Just a few preliminary questions revealed some glaring misconceptions. “The Dark Ages,” people called them. “A thousand years without a bath,” one young man said, quoting a more famous ignorant man. At best, the general consensus was that the Middle Ages were a dormant period between the golden age of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Most people said they really didn’t know much about them.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “I bet you know more than you think you do. What about King Arthur and the Round Table? Richard the Lionhearted, Bad King John, and Robin Hood? Barbarians at the gate, Attila the Hun, Augustine, Francis of Assisi, Magna Carta, Black Death, 100 Years’ War, Joan of Arc, Vikings, Mongols, Crusades?” It was at least a little gratifying to hear a few people mutter, “Oh yeah, that.”

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