Friday, January 24, 2014

Sebastian's Way Blog Tour Stop #7

Today the Sebastian's Way blog tour continues at Oh, for the Hook of a Book with an interview! Erin asks:

Why is Charlemagne such a common name from history still in this day? What gave him lasting prestige? Even if most people don’t really know much about him, they know OF him. What would you tell some about the King who wasn’t historically inclined?

Well, he was called “The Great,” even before he died. Not too many monarchs got that distinction. I think he was one of the greatest rulers in European history. He was full of life and ideas. He had supreme confidence in himself and a strong sense of purpose. He firmly believed God had called upon him to create a Christian world and rule it well and justly. And when he died Christianity had indeed triumphed all over Europe. Unlike most monarchs of the time, he genuinely cared for his people and wanted to raise them up to a fuller and more prosperous life. To that end he encouraged every innovation in agriculture and revolutionized writing with the Carolingian miniscule. He instituted extensive educational opportunities and fostered learning in every way, assembling as his advisors the most impressive collection of wise men since the halcyon days of classical Greece or Rome. He pulled Europe out of its barbarian roots and gave it unity for a time. Over the 45 years of his reign, he shifted power from its old center in the Mediterranean to the promising lands north of the Alps and created almost by himself the concept of Europe...

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The tour continues on Monday with a review at The Most Happy Reader.

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