Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sebastian's Way Blog Tour Stop #14

Today the Sebastian's Way blog tour continues at Jorie Loves a Story with an interview! Jorie asks:

What impressed you the most in your research of Sebastian? And, what did you take away with you from those readings? And is Sebastian a fictional account of another man’s life? Or, did he truly live?

In researching for the book I was impressed by what Charlemagne accomplished during his long reign. He unified most of Europe and gave it an identity. He made Rome secure from its enemies and empowered the pope so that he could stand up to the emperor in Constantinople, who was his theological and doctrinal rival. He was the architect of the strongest breath of cultural reawakening since the fall of the Roman Empire and presided over a period of art, architecture and learning that was so impressive that it has been dubbed “the Carolingian Renaissance.” Just one little example from that renewal is the Carolingian miniscule, which featured punctuation and spaces between words, a revolutionary change that made Latin the lingua franca of Europe for centuries more and advanced literacy dramatically.

Finally, the unification of Europe under Charlemagne provided a model that is still pursued by the present-day European Union. It is why the annual EU award for the best contribution to unity in Europe is called The Charlemagne Prize . . .

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The tour continues tomorrow with reviews at Cynthia Robertson, Writer and Reading the Ages.

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