Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sebastian's Way Shortlisted for HNS Editors' Choice!

Sebastian's Way has enjoyed uniformly excellent reviews since its publication in October last year. But this week the novel got its first endorsement by a well-known and long-time literary authority: The Historical Novel Society, which reviews thousands of books each year in both England and America. The HNS gave Sebastian a "Highly Recommended" rating and said,

"The narrative is constructed with such ease and style that readers will feel not only as though they know Sebastian well, but also as though they have spent time in the Middle Ages. If subsequent books in this series are this good, they are to be eagerly anticipated."

(Read the full review here.)

And, to top it off, the book made the shortlist of "those novels that deserve to have some extra recognition as possible Editors' Choice selections," which means it was one of the twenty best books chosen out of hundreds by HNS's Indie reviewers over the past quarter year. Helen Hollick, Britain's Managing Editor of HNS Indie Reviews said on presenting her first-ever shortlist of Indie Editors' Choice books. "I'm thrilled that the HNS is now in the position to prove that indie novels can be every bit as good as mainstream published ones."

So, yay for Sebastian's Way, one of the breakthrough novels making a difference for independently published works.